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This document is best seen as a Change Document from 19775-1:2014 (current X3D V3.3) standard. Most of the sections refer to the current standard. I have intentionally left out a large number of sections because there were no changes or the necessary changes have not yet been determined. The Author's Notes and Document Notes sections are not part of the specification but included so that the reader may better understand the concepts behind these changes, why they are proposed, and how the document interacts with the current standard.

No attempt was made to include nodes currently under discussion for inclusion in X3D V4. At this time it is not anticipated that there would be any significant impendiment in including them in X3D V4.

This document is NOT

  • Complete text or even complete text for DOM Environment
  • ISO/IEC formatted or structured
  • Self-contained


This document is owned by Daly Realism and is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution NoDerrivatives V4.0. A non-binding summary of the license is available. It is planned that ownership of a later version of this document will be transferred to the Web3D Consortium with the intent of creating a new X3D standard (V4) and/or the license chaned to a less restrictive one. Comment text made against the document are copyrighted by the commenter; however, the ideas may be incorporated into the document.

To the knowledge of Daly Realism there is no patented material presented in the document.