Additional Changes Being Considered

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The following is a list of additional changes being considered. There are in various stages of development or discussion.

  • Partially defined and/or implemented
    • Animate node that combines the function of TimeSensor, interpolators, and ROUTES to create a single node for keyframe animation
    • Interpolate child node to handle all interpolation within Animate
  • Discussion
    • HTML panel where standard HTML can be displayed including all CSS features. This would more or less replace the TEXT node and associated functionality
    • Node that generates gravity for Navigation. Perhaps this would be a change to Navigation instead.
    • Mechanism to implement split-screen (L/R) stereo viewing. Needs a few parameters including interpupal distance, a mechanism to identify the stereo content. Perhaps something like
​<StereoRender enabled='TRUE|FALSE' interpupiaryDistance='0.03' clipping...>
    <displayable content... Displays in mono when enabled='FALSE', stereo for 'TRUE' />


The following are being considered as changes to the XML encoding. Mostly these constructs do not have an equivalent in the other encodings

  • Large blocks of data (e.g., MFVec3f) should be expressed as the content of child nodes of the parent. For example instead of <PositionInterpolator keyValue='...' /> the structure

  • The same would apply to all text string, especially those in MetadataString. This is even more important here because <![CDATA[ ... ]]> can be used to encapsulate all text.
  • Do this for URLs so that multiple URLs don't need to be double-quoted (once as an attribute string, once for each value in the MFString)