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Starting with V0.5.0 XSeen adheres to an HTML/CSS/SVG extension into 3D. As this is very early in the implementation only a few nodes are supported. All nodes support the HTML5 attributes id, style, and class. At this time no CSS styles are applied, but class names can be used as selectors. CSS attributes cannot be added; so some preliminary work-arounds and extensions are developed. In keeping with the style for new/proposed tags, all tags are preceeded by 'x-', so (for example) a camera tag is x-camera.

As XSeen is being used to evaluate these options, many nodes from both languages are presented here. There are additional XSeen-specific nodes that provide features, functionality, and richer vocabularly than is present in either language.

This change in style is based on a Birds of a Feather session at SIGGRAPH 2017 to discussion what an HTML-Like VR language needs to look lilke.