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XSeen has been generalized from A-Frame and X3D. It is possible to convert either into XSeen. This section describes how it is done.


X3D defines 241 nodes. Some are very focused on specialized applications and others are general purpose. A-Frame defines YYY nodes that are more generalized. There are some features in A-Frame and X3D that do not carry over to XSeen because of fundemental differences in design constraints. XSeen is designed as a declarative language for the display of 3D and VR content in a browser.

From X3D

Features of X3D that are not compatible with a browser environment are not included, through in many cases conversions are possible. In the remaining cases work-arounds are available. Details that are not available include the X3D event model, X3D Script node, and X3D Prototypes.

From A-Frame

A-Frame was designed for a browser; however, most everything beyond the basics depends on non-declarative coding by the developer. The XSeen development environment is flexible enough to allow those features to be transported.

Equivalence Table


Node Source Other Notes


Conversion of X3D Script nodes

Conversion of X3D Prototypes

Conversion of Custom A-Frame Components