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Who or what groups you think would best benefit from this standard


For 20 years, the Web3D Consortium has developed and maintained a open, royalty free, ISO ratified and well documented standardized markup language for transmitting and displaying 3D content on the web called X3D. As 3D content creation and use is now fast becoming democratized by significant advances in software and hardware, the Consortium wants to continue to evolve the standard to protect content creators from vendor lock-in and high value and archival 3D content from file format obsolescence.


I think data visualization groups could take advantage of X3D if the raw data is made available and can be easily integrated with X3D, with something like D3.js and X3DOM. Choosing what to visualize and how to visualize may be issues.

PlayCanvas might benefit from a standard JSON scenegraph and event handling mechanisms.

I've used X3D for teaching scene graphs and the math behing matrices, lighting, etc. in both high school and college.  X3D is an excellent teaching tool.