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What features and/or functionality are missing from the current standard


For 20 years, the Web3D Consortium has developed and maintained a open, royalty free, ISO ratified and well documented standardized markup language for transmitting and displaying 3D content on the web called X3D. As 3D content creation and use is now fast becoming democratized by significant advances in software and hardware, the Consortium wants to continue to evolve the standard to protect content creators from vendor lock-in and high value and archival 3D content from file format obsolescence.


I think we need to include more JavaScript events for X3D into more frameworks like d3.js.

There should be an option to make div's and group's the primary scene graph and leave other elements, shapes, appearances, transforms and material to css3 or css4 or some follow on.

In the specs? Perhaps more of a layering effect, like kml + collada in Google Earth - I find geonodes jumbled with regular nodes hard to follow, at least if one node is a geonodes, then if it and all geonodes are at scene root I find it easier to follow. A layer for 'collection of scenes'. This might relate to bundling, like .kmz or freewrl's x3z, or the proposed web3dz zip file bundling. In a bundle there needs to be a waybto tell which file is the main scene. That might be via an info file showing a collection of scenes, possibly the same scene in multiple formats. It might relate to the obsolescence of plugins, so a web3d file is now downloaded to a local file losing the http address, so be sure to wrap your scenes with a scenefile that inlines using the full http could that be a scene collection file. Or bundle.


Artists and animators? Not enough engagement. I'm planning a few things for that.



Here are a couple of nodes and fields which I feel are currently missing in the geospatial component:

  • - GeoOrigin: in theory improved rendering pipeline precision should make it obsolete 'soon' but still needed.
  •  + GeoOriginTransform or 'applyGeoOrigin' field for GeoTransform

- geoHeight mode for TextureCoordinate Generator for easy contouring

- coordinate interpolation along great circle

Longer term vision

- render directly results of queries to geospatial databases

- use the real world fully for VR

- time as fourth dimension:extrapolate evolution of spatial features from past into future, time as key for interpolations

- exploit good 3d and dynamic environment as compared to GIS


This is very condensed and only meant to be a quick overview. All points need discussion and framing.







There's a need to support multiple scenes in the same canvas (X3D element?) in X3DOM.  Think about grid and list layouts.   Saves on WebGL contexts, I hope.

I don't know if the standard supports this or not. I'd like to see support for Kinect sensor, leap motion sensor, or some kind of HAnimSensor. Will go look for this now.

X3D should be able to accept SVG paths and display and extrude them.  This would make my life easier.  I may be able to contribute code in the future.