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Evolving Declarative 3D with Imperative JavaScript.


We have had 20 years of Declarative 3D with VRML, X3D etc.  What can we do to take 3D to the next level of interactivity?  In the short term, I'd like to see better support for HTML & CSS3 tooltips over X3D models.  I would also like to see highlighting of pieces of the model as they are moused over.  Is this better done with JavaScript/HTML or X3D? There is difficulty mapping the 3D JavaScript events to HTML events.  How can we get better support for 3D JavaScript events from vendors and tools (angular, x3dom and d3.js). Is this part of EAI or SAI?  Should it be part of EAI or SAI?  Do we need buy in from W3C, or can we march to our own drummer?  Are routes the solution to highlighting and tool tips?

So I have a mouse over event that I would like to highlight three different disk2ds, one for each hemisphere of an earth cross section. As I move up and down the interior of the earth, each level (3 disk2ds) will change diffuse color as I mouse over it. When I pause over a level, I want a tool tip to appear with level and level percentage indicated. When I click on a level, it's children in data space should be displayed in a cross section.

Do you have a sample image to illustrate what you are trying to achive. I don't understand how you can have 3 disks, 1 for each hemi-sphere when there are only 2 hemi-spheres. Some of what you are trying to accomplish should be done by user code, but the standard should certainly allow the code to do that.

Is it possible to list the correspondent above the text. The text is shoved to the right, which is hard to read on phones. done with low-level javascript event listeners. Perhaps an EventEmitter is warranted here. I'll have to look into it.