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Declaractive 3D Goals


The current goals for this project were first posted on my blog. This forum is for discussion of that topic.

  1. Very long life to support physical objects with long lifespans (e.g., industrial & transportation facilities)
  2. Runs directly in browser without the need for plug-ins
  3. Not required to run in a browser
  4. Comptible with existing X3D V3.3 standard
    Note that this does not require full backwards compatibility; but the ability to handle pre V4 content, perhaps with a converter.
  5. Allows for creation, storage, and use of content in a manner consistent with current and anticipated future practices
  6. Runs on as wide of variety as possible of devices capable of displaying 3D contenta

Since Renderman, shading languages have been imperative in nature. Is it possible to have a declarative shading language? Would this be the same as a stylesheet language?